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We are heartbroken to announce that Emily Reedy was taken from us following a tragic car accident on January 15, 2017.

Emily was the most vibrant, bubbly, and full of life girl, who spread joy and happiness to everyone around her. She loved her friends, family, and Lord with all of her heart. She enjoyed writing, creating art, and singing Disney songs at the top of her lungs. She spoke fluent movie quotes, song lyrics, and puns.  Her confidence and smile was contagious to all those around her.  She had a heart of gold.

Emily was only a freshman at Oregon State University and had a love of learning, with a special talent for ART and design.  Emily was always helping others and had a giving heart. 

With your support she can forever continue to give other students an education that she wasn't able to complete.

Thank you,

Emily Reedy Scholarship Fund



Emily Reedy

Memorial Scholarship Fund




The Emily Reedy Scholarship Fund is a Non-Profit Organization to help support students with their education expenses with a special interest in Art and Design.

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